Assorted Calzones

(cut up on trays for an additional charge)

Spinach only     $26

Spinach and Cheese     $30

Spinach, Cheese, and Pepperoni     $32

Pepperoni and Cheese     $28

Ham and Cheese     $30

Ham Cheese and Pepperoni $32

Assorted Cold Cuts and Cheese     $28

w/ Hot Peppers     $30

Salami, Roasted Peppers and Sharp Provolone     $35

Broccoli and Cheese     $30

Eggplant and Cheese     $33

Steak and Cheese     $37

Chicken Parmigiana     $35

Italian Ham, Roasted Peppers and Sharp Provolone     $37

Meatball and Cheese $35

We can make any calzone you like upon request.


No matter what event size D. Palmieri’s Bakery specializes in bringing you the food people really want within your budget.


We cater to what you want.  If you do not see something you want on the menu, let us know and we will customize a menu to fit your needs.


Come talk to us today to find out about our current catering specials and how we can make your event exceed your expectations. 


Prices subject to change without notice