NY Style & Thin Crust Pizza

NY Pepperoni and Cheese $2.50

NY White Cheese (a three cheese white pizza $2.50

NY Old Fashion (plum tomatoes and garlic) $3.00

NY White Tomato and Cheese ( Fresh tomato, cheese, and basil) $3.00

Thin Crust with the "Works" (pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, cheese and hot peppers) $3.50

Thin Crust Sausage and Peppers (sausage, peppers and cheese) $4.00

Thin Crust Steak and Cheese (steak cheese, onion, and peppers) $4

Thin Crust Eggplant and Grated Cheese $3.25

Call for daily pizza specials 

Whole NY pizzas are available for order as well (priced accordingly) 

Prices subject to change